A series of photos from Buenos Aires.

This is the ‘Abadia de San Benito’, a benedictine abbey located between the neighborhoods of Palermo and Belgrano. In the photos below you can see the towers of the church. Building of the abbey started in 1924. The arched columns in the photo on the left are part of the uncompleted cloisters, which were constructed from 1941 onwards. Lack of supplies and interruptions due to the war meant the construction was never completed. Later, the monks moved to a larger site outside of the city, leaving the abbey empty and decaying.

IMG_4247 IMG_4293

In the photo below on the left you can see another view of the cloisters, and on the right the interior of one of the corridors with named rooms through the arches. The lights on the ceiling were there as part of a interior design exhibition, Casa Foa, that was being held at that moment.

IMG_4210 IMG_4203

The abbey is located on Luis María Campos, between Gorostiaga and Maure. It is directly in from of the shopping centre, ‘El solar de la abadia’.


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