A series of photos from Buenos Aires.

The Faculty of Engineering of the University of Buenos Aires has two main sites: on Avenida Paseo Colon in San Telmo, and on in Avenida Las Heras in Recoleta, and a smaller third site at ciudad universitaria in Nuñez.. The building on Av. Paseo Colon is the twin of the Faculty of Law in Recoleta. Below is a photo of the faculty from across the street, and, on the left, a statue of Luis Augosto Huergo, first engineer of Argentina and president of the Argentina Scientific Society.


Below is a close-up of the doric columns that support the neoclassical entrance. Building started in 1956 and was completed in 1966. The buidling was originally intended for the Eva Peron Foundation, as part of plan to construct and place national, or important, institutions in grand buildings. The building has recently been undergoing refurbishment to clean the light-coloured sandstone. Above the twelve doric columns originally stood ten statues, but these were removed when the building became the faculty of engineering.


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