A series of photos from BA.

Plaza San Martin is located in the barrio of Retiro. If you arrive in Buenos Aires in a bus from Ezeiza Airport – or at Retiro train station, you will certainly have seen the lower part of the park. The plaza itself lies at the highpoint of the park and is surrounded by several historic buildings, including the Circulo Militar and the Palacio San Martin, the home of the ministry of the exterior, and its modern cancilleria, the chancery, next door.  There are also several large hotels and the famous Kavenaugh building.


Above you can see the statue of Jose de San Martin, also known as the liberator, giving his name to many places and avenues in Buenos Aires. He liberated not only Argentina, but Chile and Perú. In the photo on the left below you can see, near the centre, the tower of the cancilleria. In the photo on the right, part of the circulo militar is visible. As you can see, aside from the open plaza with the statue of San Martin, there is also a large area of trees, paths and lawn, along with many seats to sit on and share a maté with friends.

IMG_7301 IMG_7300

The most common tree in the plaza is the tipa, ‘Tipuana tipu‘, which has beautiful yellow flowers and delicate oval leaflets. In the photo on the right, you can see the distinctive form of the trunks of the tree. On the left, date palms, tipa and an araucaria.

IMG_7286 IMG_7282


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