A series of photos from BA.

This is Plaza República de Chile, located in the neighbourhood of Palermo; it is one of the biggest ‘barrios’ in Buenos Aires. This is one of the areas where, if you’re here as a tourist, you will certainly visit. The plaza is also home, not surprisingly, to the Embassy of Chile. The statue that you can see in the photo is a monument to Bernardo O’Higgins, who, along with San Martin, liberated Chile from Spain. As you may have guessed from his name, he had Irish (and Spanish) roots. The plaza is filled with many trees, but the part surrounding the monument is surrounded by Jacaranda. In spring, the plaza is purple with the colour of the flowers of the jacarandas. Directly opposite the plaza is the Palacio Errazuriz, which was home to one of Buenos Aires most famous families: the Errazuriz-Alvear family. The palace is now home to the Museum of Decorative Arts and is worth a visit if only to see the luxury that the family had at their disposal.

IMG_7314 (1)


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