I’m a chemistry researcher. I’m interested in the structure of crystalline materials and in computational efforts to model these.

I am a CONICET research fellow in the research group of Dra. Florencia de Salvo and Prof. Fabio Doctorovich at the Universidad de Buenos Aires in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I am currently working with nitrosyl complexes of iridium and iron which have interesting properties: particularly pentachloronitrosyl iridate in which the nitrosyl is very electrophilic.

I carried out my Ph.D. at the University of Bristol in synthetic crystallography studying salts and co-crystalline materials with Prof. Guy Orpen  and Dr Chris Adams. I then carried out postdoctoral work in the Centre for Computational chemistry at the University of Bristol with Dr. Natalie Fey  (and see her blog here and the Picture it…Chemistry blog) where I was involved in force-field parameterization and DFT studies of various industrially relevant catalytic processes.

I worked for a short-term placement at the University of Bath as a postdoctoral research officer in the research group of Prof. Paul Raithby using the Cambridge Structural Database and Mercury to examine structural properties of metal nitrosyl complexes that undergo photochemical isomerization.

And something about The Other Benjamín:

I like running, reading, cooking and taking photographs. You can look me up on Flickr, Nike+, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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